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The Notary

NotaioElpidio Valentino was born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere on April 29, 1960.

Son of two employees of the "Bonifica del Bacino Inferiore del Volturno Consortium", he graduated from the Pietro Giannone high school of Caserta in 1978.

He graduated from University with full marks and honors from the Faculty of Law at the "Federico II" University in Naples, on March 5, 1985.

He immediately began the notarial and solicitor apprenticeship. He first assiduously attended the Guido Capozzi historical notarial school and then the Sabatino Santangelo Notary school of contracts. Meanwhile, he improved his knowledge of company law at the Silvestro Landolfi Councilor school.

In 1991, he became part of the Santa Maria Capua Vetere Solicitors Register and worked with the Professor and Lawyer Amedeo Bassi's Office.

In 1994, he took part in a specialization course of "legal english" in London.

He was appointed Notary on December 21, 1995, and he obtained his headquarters in Alassio.

In a few years, his office became one of the main reference point, both at regional and national level.

National and international Networks

In 2008, he founded the Insignum legal culture association (www.insignum.it), based in Milan, which gathers about forty Italian notaries'offices, normally big ones, all sharing the need to create internal forums for the comparison and the in-depth study of the professional solutions normally used and, more in general, the need to strengthen both the organizational aspects of their offices and the technical, case study and statistical exchanges between notaries.

Being a member of the Insignum association since 2012, he took part in the Lexunion international legal and notary network (www.lexunion.com) founded as an EEIG (European Economic Interest Group) and based in Brussels (already GIPE, Groupe International Patrimoine et Entreprise), which constitutes an "international network of national networks", sharing the same aim of the Insignum association. It consists in creating opportunities for the study and for the in-depth analysis of legal aspects of common interest, especially regarding cross-border corporate, family and real estates transactions, and at the same time in strengtening, through the comparison with foreign models, both the organizational aspects of their studies and the technical, case-law and statistical exchange between notaries and, for the countries not aware of the notary institution or where notaries have mainly a certification role, between notaries and lawyers.

Since 2010, through the Insignum, he has been taking part in a trust company under the Italian law, organized as a joint stock company, according to the dualistic model. The goal of the company is to create an elite structure for the management as a trustee of trusts considered worthy of that service by the company. This company involves for the fifty percent professional accountants and for the other fifty percent notaries (through the services company of the Insignum association): it is called PUT, Professional Union for the Trust, and is based in Milan.